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I am a teacher in bush Alaska. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Limnology and a Master’s Degree in Biology from the University of Central Florida (UCF). My Master’s Thesis was Analysis of Reproductive and Spatial Nesting Patterns of a Wading Bird Colony at Gatorland, Orange County, Florida. This research was an integrated approach including reproductive ecology, ornithology, landscape ecology, wetland ecology, and statistics. I also attended the University of Memphis and earned 12 credits towards a Ph.D. in Biology. I will graduate from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in May, 2012 with a Masters in Education. I received my three year teaching certificate for the state of Alaska in October 2005 and my five year Professional certificate for the school year 2008/2009. I am highly qualified in accordance with NCLB to teach biology, chemistry and art through college credits and degrees. I have completed and passed PRAXIS II for Earth Science and Physical Science. At present I am highly qualified to teach art, biology, chemistry, earth science, life science, and physical science.

Gaming and Learning at ASTE 2014

While at ASTE in February 2012 I missed a session on using gaming for learning the presenter was Craig Kasemodel. But here it is ASTE 2014 and I am in gamestar mechanic learning  how to develop video games including minecraft … Continue reading

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Flipped Classroom Video What Not to do.

I have been flipping my classroom and while researching more on the flipped classroom I came upon this video. It is really good tutorial on what not do when making a video for a flipped classroom lesson.

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A Mashup Journey Through Digital Storytelling At the beginning of the semester we began a journey in digital storytelling. The journey began with the elements of digital storytelling. I found that there are five to seven elements in digital storytelling and they are quite similar … Continue reading

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Participatory Story Camtasia Land of the Twin Moons

This link will take you to my media. One drawback of using WordPress is that you have to upgrade to Pro to upload videos. I was able to embed the video on my Google Site so this QR code will … Continue reading

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AR/QR Story Touring the Human Skeleton

Touring The Skeletal System an AR Experience (Get out your Layar Reader and enjoy) To take a tour of the human body we must meet the bones. The bones or what scientists would call the skeletal system are very important … Continue reading

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Instructional Storytelling

In the reading McDonald (2009) describes the principles of filmmakers that can be used by instructional designers to develop engagement by students. The study was conducted to investigate the principles of storytelling used by filmmakers. McDonald posed two questions in … Continue reading

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Cultural storytelling

Cultural Storytelling Through Advertising As I started this assignment I immediately thought of the coffee commercial that was a short series like a mini soap opera. I began my searches looking for this coffee commercial as I always wondered what … Continue reading

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