About this Blog for ED 431

I started this blog as part of a course on teaching online courses called teaching academic courses online. I only completed one post for that class and then continued with my next post for another class on teaching online courses called instructional design. I had hoped to have my cohort make comments here on some of my assignments for instructional designs.   I am now working on a course for using technology in the classroom or an indivdualized technology learning plan so now I have a new wordpress page devoted just to that course. If you are interested in using technology for education then you may be interested in my sites. The other wordpress site is: http://mycohort.akteachers.net/ my instruction design Google Site is: https://sites.google.com/site/edf693coursesite/. I will try to remember and come here and add new information as I learn it. Right now I am just trying to learn more about using WordPress itself.

I am now updating my blog for another course 431 Web 2.0. I now hope to actually utlize this site as my blog posting and receiving comments on a regular basis throughout the semester.  I am using this blog because my school now has WordPress on our network and I plan to have students in my Anatomy and Physiology class blog this year. This will give me an opportunity to keep ahead of the blog learning curve so I don’t create a cognitive overload for my A&P students.


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