Google Survey Doc Results and Reflection

My Google survey has been sent out and ten people responded to my questions. I received feedback on the first survey from Skip and Ilana and modified the form right away then sent it out again to our cohort, students, parents, and colleagues from my school. My intended audience was actually students and their parents. I can see using this form in the future for all of my classes. I think once I have the survey fine tuned it could really provide me with valuable information to help my students navigate the technology I use in my classroom. I am striving for a 21st Century blended or even perhaps flipped classroom.

The form itself was relatively easy to set up though there are features that I will still need to explore like branched questions. Our District has been utilizing Google Survey quite frequently this year so I should get proficient with using them. We have our RTI (response to intervention) forms on Google now. I did find the analysis a little more frustrating than setting the form itself up. I found the summary view of the graphs, but it was difficult to do anything with them. I really am not sure how everyone got their graphs into the blogs. I ended up using Jing to take screenshots of the graphs as I could not figure out how to export them. I do like that you can easily send the survey out to people and that the survey does the quick summary for you though. The information I gained from this survey is not very useful though. Only ten people responded of those about four or five were students. The sample size is much to small and some were not my intended audience, but responded for our class.

My first question was to ask how often my students or their parents use technology. I expected to find that my students used technology daily. I also thought that many parents would also use technology often if not daily. The analysis showed that all ten people who responded use technology daily some of these responses were from students, but I don’t know if any parents responded.


I was also interested in knowing how comfortable my students are with using technology. Again I predicted that most of my students would be quite comfortable with using technology as they all have a school laptop because we are in the one to one program. Many if not all have either smartphones, tablets, or e-readers as well.  For this question I used the scale response from 1 being uncomfortable to 5 comfortable enough to teach it. All that responded were very comfortable with using technology. I asked this question because I do use technology in my classroom on a daily basis and I want to be sure my students are comfortable with it.technology_comfort_2012-12-02_0013

My next question was to see how my students and their parents used technology.  I asked this to determine how my students were using technology. I hoped to find that my students used technology for research and homework. I knew that they would also probably use it for social media. I also was interested in knowing if my students and parents used technology for social media as well since I am thinking about establishing a Facebook page for my classes. I would invite parents so they know what projects and assignments students are working on. I would also invite students to join the group to remind them if an assignment is due the next day or if they need homework help.


My next question was more interest based. Our District like most has a school website. I was wondering as I wrote my survey how many students or parents visit the website. Only five out of the ten who responded to the survey visit the website daily. I can understand that I don’t even visit the website daily. I only visit the website if I need a link or form and most of my links are book marked. Parents and students would visit more often I would think to get announcements and school lunch menu. This is a small sample and I don’t even know if any parents did respond to it though so I don’t believe this information is very useful at this point.


I asked this question with my students in mind. Every one of my students has a school email though many do not use it. It would be very helpful if they did use it. I send students notices from Moodle and if they don’t check their email they will not know if I grade or even assign them an activity on Moodle. I will definitely keep this question on the survey for future use. The students that did complete the survey do use email that is where they found the survey to complete it. I would hope that in the future all students will check their email. It will be necessary for them so they can complete assignments like this one and also know what is going on with assignments in Moodle.


This  question on my survey was a checklist. This is an important question as it will help me determine what Web 2.0 tools my students are familiar with. I do not want my students to have a cognitive overload trying to learn the science concepts and new technology tools at the same time. It is important that I know how much guidance I will need to give them in using the tools. I want their learning to be focused on the material not the transport method. The results here tell me that there are many Web 2.o tools that the people and students who completed the survey are unfamiliar with. Everyone knows how to Skype though and they can learn the other tools with time. I believe just having students see some of these names may get them interested to find out what is out there in the virtual world, maybe.


This question was intended for parents and students. Every parent and student can check grades and attendance themselves on PowerSchool. I find that the high school students will check their grades on a daily basis. Many parents now also check PowerSchool, but many more need to.  Seven of the respondents said that they do check their grades and assignments on PowerSchool. I hope that in the future I can get many of the parents to complete this survey. If the parents do complete the survey then maybe they will realize if they don’t check PowerSchool that they need to. PowerSchool is a very important resource for parents and students alike.


This next couple of questions is intended for my students and parents. I have all of my classes set up on Moodle except my middle school class. It is extremely important that my students know how to use Moodle and check it often. I also want parents to know that there is an online resource always available to their children. Every year for the past three or four years I have developed my Moodle courses more and more. My goal is to eventually eliminate paper assignments all together. I expect students to find their assignments and upload complete assignments to Moodle. The only assignments that will not be on Moodle is their science notebook. Even science notebook due dates will at some point be on Moodle also. The five yes responses are probably my students and they are getting more and more used to using Moodle in my classroom. When I asked how often Moodle is checked students often checked other. Their responses included a few times a week to when I told them to. At least they check it when I ask them to.


Web_use_2012-12-02_0021I asked this question to determine if my students have or use blogs and other web resources. I think it is important to help students have a positive web presences. In my first draft of the survey I asked about web presences, but Skip suggested that I change it. I  also wanted to know if my students would be familiar with blogs because I am planning on having some of them blog. It would be great if students began thinking about having a positive web presence and even begin their personal learning network while they are in high school. My results show that most do not have a blog though they do have a Facebook page.

I asked this question to find out how many parents and students might be interested in a class Facebook page or group. I have also been asking parents this question by email and in person. I have only gotten two negative responses from any of these survey methods. Most parents and students have been very positive about having a Facebook Science Group. Parents said it would be easier for them to find out what their student was doing in class and know when assignments were due. They were most interested in the project descriptions so they would know what their child was working on. Students said they were on Facebook anyway and it would be easier than going to Moodle all the time. They also thought it would be good if they could ask me questions when not at school. One person replied that they would just want to like it and not have to friend anyone. That would work perfectly for a group anyway and I do not friend current students so that is what I would want them to do anyway. Again only a few people responded to this survey so more research may have to be conducted.


This question was another interest question. I was interested in knowing if any of my students did more than just games with their apps. Most folks have productivity apps and probably one student said games.


This survey was a good learning experience. I will still need to work on it. I may want to create a couple of surveys out of this one. It would probably be best to have a survey just for students and a separate survey for parents. I have already had to make another survey for school for one of the committees I am on so it worked out well there. I also need to learn more about the summary results. I have used excel many times and know how it works so as one person said on their reflection it might take using both sources to analyze some data. There are some great features about this product though including the collaboration and ease of sending it out to people. Though I did send this survey to over fifty people and only got ten responses so I may have to work on that. It would be easier getting students to complete the survey though because all I would have to do is make it a mandatory assignment. I did not do that for this survey though it was voluntary and I told my students they were helping me with my homework.


About jdoster17

I am a teacher in bush Alaska. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Limnology and a Master’s Degree in Biology from the University of Central Florida (UCF). My Master’s Thesis was Analysis of Reproductive and Spatial Nesting Patterns of a Wading Bird Colony at Gatorland, Orange County, Florida. This research was an integrated approach including reproductive ecology, ornithology, landscape ecology, wetland ecology, and statistics. I also attended the University of Memphis and earned 12 credits towards a Ph.D. in Biology. I will graduate from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in May, 2012 with a Masters in Education. I received my three year teaching certificate for the state of Alaska in October 2005 and my five year Professional certificate for the school year 2008/2009. I am highly qualified in accordance with NCLB to teach biology, chemistry and art through college credits and degrees. I have completed and passed PRAXIS II for Earth Science and Physical Science. At present I am highly qualified to teach art, biology, chemistry, earth science, life science, and physical science.
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4 Responses to Google Survey Doc Results and Reflection

  1. Skip Via says:

    I responded to your survey and have a few comments and suggestions, but it looks like you are doing some revisions so I’ll wait until I see the next iteration.

  2. skipvia says:

    Since Ilana responded via Edmodo, I did as well–but I’ll also pasting my initial response here:
    I’d echo Ilana’s comments–define technology more explicitly in your first question (may need to be broken down into multiple questions) and include N/A responses for folks who are not covered by the question (e.g., students, teachers, parents). There’s also a pretty big leap in your first question between “once or twice a month” and “daily.” It might be more revealing to ask something like:

    “How often do you use the following technology tools:” (1-5)
    Cell phone
    Laptop computer
    Desktop computer

    with the response being scaled (e.g., “never” to “daily”) and not tied to specific counts.

    Your question about Web 2.0 tools left out a few that I would be interested in finding out about; specifically Dropbox (or other cloud storage), Evernote, and Google Drive. I think I’d want to know how many students are relying on collaborative tools for their work.

    Two other observations:

    1) I thought the question “Moodle is:” was unnecessary and somewhat confusing given that you are asking specific questions about Moodle right after it. If you’re looking for an awareness level among students, teachers, and parents, you might try something like this:

    “Are you aware that Bristol Bay SD uses the Moodle learning management system for online communication and assignments?”
    __I am not aware of Moodle.
    __I’ve heard of Moodle, but I’ve never used it.
    __I’ve used Moodle infrequently.
    __I use Moodle regularly.

    If, on the other hand, you’re trying to find out whether or not students like using Moodle, you should probably ask your question that way–e.g.,

    “How do you feel about using Moodle for your school assignments:” (1-5)
    I hate it
    I don’t like it much
    It’s OK
    It’s good
    I love it

    Another possibility is to try to find out if the folks that use Moodle find it easy or confusing. In any event, the responses in you original question are mixed and probably won’t return any useful information to you.

    2) The question about web presence vs digital footprint, while near and dear to my heart, is one that might confuse people–especially parents. It also requires a rather lengthy response. I’d probably either eliminate it or phrase it differently to get at your main intention; e.g.,

    “Do you currently have any of the following?”
    __My own web site.
    __My own blog (e.g, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger)

  3. Ilana says:

    Nice job with your analysis! I also had trouble with the graphs in the survey and ended up taking screen captures and then uploading them to the server.

  4. I also shoot screenshots of the survey results and then posted them separately as .jpgs into my blog post. I use Jing almost everyday! Nice analysis. It is so hard to give a good survey when your data is so limited.

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